A visit to the destination's museums will take you from the Neolithic period to the contemporary period. Whether you want to discover the past of these places, or the specifics, the traditions of the communities, you can choose to discover the secrets of the exhibits in the museums of the Bison Land.
The Museum of History and Ethnography in Târgu Neamț

The Museum of History and Ethnography in Târgu Neamț

Testimonies of the past

For an insight into the history of the country, you have to go to The History and Ethnography Museum in Târgu Neamț. Here you will find traces of human existence from the Neolithic and Bronze Age. Also in the museum you will be able to admire traditional peasant tools, as well as folk costumes specific to the Târgu Neamț ethnographic […]

The Vivant Museum

The Vivant Museum

An illustration of monastic life

From the desire to show what a day is like in the monastery, the nuns from the Agapia Monastery opened, in 2013, for visit one of the houses in the monastery village. Icons, church objects, embroideries, carpets made in the monastery can be found in the carefully furnished and decorated house. In the 3 workshops (weaving and embroidery, pottery and […]

The Ethnography Museum Vasile Găman, Vânători Neamț

The Ethnography Museum Vasile Găman, Vânători Neamț

In the world of traditional village

The Vasile Găman Ethnography Museum is opened in a traditional house specific to these places. The collection includes approximately 3000 pieces made or collected over time. Ever since you arrive in front of the museum, the entrance gate makes it possible for you to “meet” with Burebista, Decebal, Traian, Stefan cel Mare, Dragoș Voda and Mihai Viteazul, their faces being […]

Nicolae Popa House

Nicolae Popa House

Art, tradition and passion for beauty

10 km away from the town of Târgu Neamț, is the village of Târpești, the place where the popular artist Nicolae Popa lived. Here you can admire the village museum, the collection of folk art with wood and stone sculptures, folk masks, folk costumes, archaeological pieces discovered during the excavations from the Neolithic settlement Târpești, traditional coins or tools. The […]

Ethnographic Museum at the Grandparents’ House

Ethnographic Museum at the Grandparents' House

A prove of the love for the birthplace and parental home

In Crăcăoani, Neamț, in Mitocu Bălan, a part of a traditional household was transformed into an ethnography museum, an initiative of a lover of birthplaces, and out of respect for popular traditions. The specially arranged space, with two rooms, presents various objects used next to the house in this mountain village. Each object that is included in the exhibition has […]

Varatic Spiritual Cultural Center

Summer Spiritual Cultural Center

Gratitude for the one who enlightened and warmed my life

Near the Văratec Monastery, on the street leading to the tomb of the poet Veronica Micle, there is a modern building, with architectural elements specific to the area. The Văratic Spiritual Cultural Center was erected in memory of Sfrijan Dinu’s wife, Sheila Margaret. Furnished with a special elegance, it is not only a museum, but also a perfect location for […]