Nicolae Popa House

10 km away from the town of Târgu Neamț, is the village of Târpești, the place where the popular artist Nicolae Popa lived. Here you can admire the village museum, the collection of folk art with wood and stone sculptures, folk masks, folk costumes, archaeological pieces discovered during the excavations from the Neolithic settlement Târpești, traditional coins or tools. The exhibitions include over 3000 exhibits with historical and ethnographic value not only locally, but also nationally or even internationally. The entire layout of the outdoor courtyard gives you the impression of an open air museum, where nature and art blend harmoniously.

The founder of the museum in Târpești, Nicolae Popa was a popular artist and a tireless cultural animator, sculptor, creator of masks and folk costumes. The Museum of Folk Art was established in the 1960s, the artist Nicolae Popa opened the museum in order to preserve the traditional authentic. The world of the Romanian village was modernizing, and its traditional character was in decline. The old house of the century-old craftsman, built according to the local specifics, belonged to his parents. The gate of the museum is sculpted by himself. The 3 pillars embody the family, made up of both the parents and the son who bears the name.

Nicolae Popa House is a true chronicle of the Neamț village, the charm of Moldova, history and culture. Here you can find the magic of the Romanian village.