“Made in Bison Land”

In Bison Land we choose to produce and consume, we use, as much as possible, healthy and quality products. The locals take advantage of the resources that the place where we live offers us, they value their passions and say yes to challenges and make local, quality products.

Foto: Felicia Aron

We enjoy locally both local food products, but also small prepared gifts, made by hand.

We invite you to discover them and test them all!
If you want to prepare gifts with products from different manufacturers, we can offer you support in the preparation of Product packages in the Bison Land.
You can contact us at

Stupina Apetrei, Topolița

a diversity of organic Bee products

  • Phone: +40745 618 158
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Cătina lui Bicu, Târgu Neamț

Buckthorn products, syrups, juices and cosmetics

  • Phone: +40758 525 957
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Mure Filioara, Agapia

Fresh fruits, blackberry products from organic culture, syrups and nectar various assortments

  • Phone: +40749 853 913
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Miere Agapia, Agapia

honey and Bee products

  • Phone: +40749 522 936
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Neculai Ana, Văratec

Sherbet, jam, sweet, traditional vegetable mix various assortments

  • Phone: +40745 827 208
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Lavanda Zimbrului, Târgu Neamț

Cosmetics, personal care and decoration products with lavender

  • Phone: +40743 456 108
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Arta lumânărilor cu Ramona, Agapia

Handcraft candles handmade carved

  • Phone: +40753 548 851
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Dulce de Acasă, Târgu Neamț

bakery with local ingredients

  • Phone: +40743 088 031
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Bunătăți Moldovenești, Cracăul Negru

Traditional vegetable mix, sweet, syrups various assortments

  • Phone: +40745 047 436
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Bucătăria Zimbrului, Târgu Neamț

elegant plates

  • Phone: +40744 954 035
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Agri Bio Leonte, Ghindăoani

Vegetables and related products, grown under organic conditions, cold pressed oils

  • Phone: +40758 879 104
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La Nea Ion Măcelaru, Târgu Neamț

Traditional meet products

  • Phone: +40741 928 206
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