Relaxing and sports

Activities for soul and body

In addition to visits to tourist, natural, historical, cultural, spiritual objective, hiking or cycling tours, or simply relaxing at the guesthouse where you choose to enjoy a few days in the area of Vânători Neamț Nature Park, in Bison Land you have the following possibilities for spending your free time.

“La Iaz” (At the pond) leisure area

Lately, more and more people are looking to organize their special events in life, in nature. The “La Iaz” leisure area is the perfect location where you can create the most beautiful memories. You can make barbecue, go fishing, go boating, and of course you can relax fishing.

The forest seems to be a watchman watching your stories. The only noise is the chirping of birds and the lively laughter of loved ones. And at sunset, everything becomes even more spectacular.

Address: Prundului str, No 26, Blebea, 617490, Târgu Neamț

Contact: +40756 240 946

* reservation required

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Pond – recreational area

Do you want a relaxing day of fishing and you don’t know where to go? In the area of Târgu Neamț there is a quiet place, with two ponds, where you can go fishing all year round, provided that the fish is purchased. In this beautiful place you have at your disposal a special area with barbeque facilities. At the trout farm you can organize private events for a group of up to 30 people.

Also here you can admire an old water mill.

Address: Prundului Street, No. 15, Blebea, Târgu Neamț

Contact: +40748 376 709

* prior reservation required

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Green paradise

 Green Paradise is the place where you can enjoy a beautifully landscaped garden and terrace, where you can sit and talk or carry out various activities with your loved ones, you can organize events. It has barbecue facilities. It also offers a boat so you can enjoy the wonderful pond and its beauty. Located in the middle of nature, the Green Paradise offers you fairytale landscapes where you can reconnect with nature. Whether it is winter or summer, sunset or sunrise here you can write memories that will last for years.

Address: Oglinzi, 617371, Târgu Neamț

Contact: 0742 990 306

* prior reservation required

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La Nică Moară Pond

At the Nică la Moară pond, they meet their tired guests, to rest, to relax, to get rid of the daily stress in a place surrounded by the beauty of nature, where you can live with family, friends, the most beautiful moments, enjoying you go for a ride on the pedal boat, you can fish and enjoy a barbecue, trout or the delicious traditional Romanian dishes. It is the perfect location for relaxation and good cheer, to organize private events.

You can enjoy a fairytale landscape, where the willows on the edge of the pond give you the perfect setting to capture unforgettable moments.

Address: Strada Prundului, Nr 25, Blebea, Târgu Neamț

Contact: +40758 665 865

* prior reservation required

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Bison Pond

Located in the middle of the forest, this pond comes to perfectly complete the landscape that seems to take your breath away. This location is perfect for a relaxing day with friends or family. And as “pond” is almost synonymous with “fishing”, of course visitors can enjoy this relaxing activity.

Moreover, here you can enjoy an oasis of peace, where you can spend moments in nature with your loved ones.

You can fish especially in the hot season with up to 3 fishing rods per person, and you can catch up to 4 kg of fish. The fish species found here are: carp, skin, crucian, pikeperch, Chinese novac, pike and perch.

A reservation in advance is recommended.

Address: DJ 155C Vânători Neamț

Contact: +40751 676 434

Program: 06:00- 18:00*

*in the warm season

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Tennis court Sports Club

How are you doing on sunny weekends? Whether you want to organize a competition or just relax playing a friendly game, this tennis court is exactly what you are looking for. It is intended for all players, regardless of level of experience and age, being a perfect place to relax for fans of this sport.

Address: 80 Ștefan cel Mare Blvd., Târgu Neamț

Contact: +40233790242

* prior reservation required

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Bella Tennis Club

Whether you are an amateur player or a professional, Tennis Club Bella offers fans of this sport the perfect, a beautiful, quiet and clean place for training, competition or friendly matches. So if you love this sport and try to be better, want to organize a competition, or just to relax, this location may be right for you.

Tennis being a beautiful but difficult sport, training the entire body of the player, but also his mind, he needs the best conditions, that’s why Club Tenis Bella offers you all this.

Loved ones can keep you company on the terrace or in the SPA area of the location.

Address: Băile Oglinzi Street, Nr 24, 615200, Târgu Neamț

Contact: 0745 415574

* prior reservation required

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Dumbrava Stallion Warehouse

A place where nature has a special beauty. If you arrive at your destination and a simple visit through the demon of the stud farm, you will enjoy the day. The stallion warehouse in Dumbrava was established in 1903 as an army recovery farm, being also known as the Stud Farm of His Majesty.

Located in the village of Dumbrava, 10 km from Târgu Neamț. The stallion store is a suitable place for horse lovers, the staff being very kind to have the most beautiful experience.

Regardless of age, you can take part in activities such as: riding lessons, jumping over obstacles, carriage rides and recreational horse riding. *

The stallion warehouse has about 100 horses, from the breeds: English Thoroughbred, Arabian Thoroughbred, Gidran, Romanian Sport Horse, Liptan, Romanian Semi-Heavy, Hut and Trapas.

Address: Timișești Commune, Dumbrava Village, Neamț County

Contact: 0040233 787 077


Monday- closed

Tuesday – Friday 09: 00-15: 00

Saturday- Sunday 09: 00- 13:00

* To take part in these activities, prior appointment is required

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