Bison Land

People are one of the main resources

Bison Land

The development of a micro-region involves a complex and sustained process. We aim for more than simple development. We aim for a sustainable development, which will bring benefits to the local community, but also to the guests who visit us, and which will be based on the highlighting of local values, authentic and with as little impact on the environment as possible.

Bison Land Association is the management unit of the ecotourism destination Bison Land, which overlaps Romsilva – Vânători Neamț Natural Park, the city of Târgu Neamț, the communes of Agapia, Bălăteşti, Crăcăoani, Vânători Neamț.

Foto: Felicia Aron

Since 2015, when it came into being, the association’s main goal has been the sustainable development of the Bison Land destination, aiming to:

  • Development of public-private partnership at the destination level
  • Development of the sustainable development strategy of the Bison Land destination
  • Certification of the Bison Land ecotourism destination
  • Promotion of the protected areas over which the ecotourism destination overlaps
  • Promoting and valuing local authenticity and local people (folk craftsmen, local producers, soulful people of the destination)
  • The development of the tourist infrastructure at the level of the ecotourism destination Bison Land
  • Increasing the quality of products and services offered at the local level
  • Providing leisure opportunities for guests who choose to discover the ecotourism destination Bison Land
  • Protecting nature and developing sustainable behavior among the community and guests

Foto: Felicia Aron

The initiative to develop the Bison Land ecotourism destination came into being as a result of the partnership between:

  • The Bison Land Association
  • Administration of Vânători Neamț Natural Park
  • Administrative-territorial units: the city of Târgu Neamț, the communes of Agapia, Bălăteşti, Crăcăoani, Vânători Neamț
  • Neamț County Gendarmerie Inspectorate
  • APDTN Ozana Valley

Foto: Felicia Aron

Over the years, the following have joined the initiative:

  • tourism promotion and development organizations
  • tourist guesthouses
  • local producers
  • folk craftsmen
  • cultural and educational institutions
  • regional development institutions
  • other NGOs active at local or regional level

Foto: Mihai Moiceanu

The team of Bison Land Association

Geanina Fedeleș


Viorela Chiper

Vicepresident and manager

Nicolae Dolhescu


Sebastian Cătănoiu


Daniel Gavriloaia


Mihail Daniliuc



Foto: Lucian Iancu

The micro-region known as Bison Land is not only rich in natural resources, but it is also an area with a rich spiritual, historical and cultural value. And the fact that the actions undertaken at the level of the area are focused on the enhancement of these elements, of local authenticity, of the local people, or on the protection of nature, were decisive elements in the national and international recognition of the destination.

Bison Land was certified at the national level as an ecotourism destination in 2016 by ANT.

In 2017, Bison Land was included in the Top 100 sustainable destinations worldwide, an elite list of destinations that strive for sustainable development.

The ranking is made by international tourism experts. So far we are the only region in Romania included in this world top.

We are currently in the process of Green Destination certification, which is a next step for destinations that are included in the Top 100 Sustainable Destinations worldwide.

In addition, in 2018 and 2019 the destination ranked second in the Top 100 Awards for nature and wildlife.

And in 2022, the destination ranked first in the Public Vote category, after in 2021 it was the second most voted by the global community among destinations around the world.

They support us

The development of the ecotourism destination Bison Land is financed by the „Green Entrepreneurship – Development of Ecotourism Destinations in Romania” program of the Romanian-American Foundation and For Partnership Foundation.

During the program, the Romanian Ecotourism Association is our technical partner, supporting us in the implementation of the development strategy of the Bison Land ecotourism destination

Also, the results obtained would not have been possible without the financial support of:


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