Bison Safari

The European Bison was facing extinction if not some passionate people, like those in the Vânători Neamț Park, would not have fought as this animal to become again the treasure of Moldavian forests. Now, in order to see a true one-toned European Bison, you have to look for it through the national park, helped by a ranger or, more easily, to notice it when it comes to eat in some arranged places. Bison Safari activity can be done with a 4×4 vehicle or by foot, observing specimens in their wild habitat. The shortest tour takes 2 hours and the difficulty is average. Of course, besides the meeting with the bisons, visitors can see other animals from the rich fauna of the natural park.

Vânători Neamț Nature Park is the only place in Europe where the bison can be seen freely, through the forests of Bison Land and the surrounding area, in the acclimatization pitch and in captivity (at the Reservation of Bison and the Carpathian Fauna Dragoș Vodă).

Those interested in meeting a bison and seeing it in its natural habitat can schedule a visit either in the acclimatization pitch or in the forests in the area. The tour is carried out with the help of rangers from Vânători Neamț Natural Park.

The acclimatization pitch covers an area of ​​180 ha. It is a natural area, where different forest habitats meet. Besides bison, with patience and luck, we can see deer, wild boars, foxes, bumblebees, wild cats, various birds. Inside the jar pen there are arranged observation facilities such as a thematic route, a suspension bridge, observatories, pavilions. By taking the thematic route, with its ten points of interpretation, you have the opportunity to see how the bison influence the forest landscape, how their presence is beneficial to different species of animals.

Duration: for the route, on average, 2 hours (the presentation and tour of the Visitor Center requires another hour)

Difficulty: low

Length: 3.5 km

Group: 3-15 people

Price: 140 lei / person *