Various events take place throughout the year in the Bison Land. Don't miss a foray into medieval history, the world of year-round traditions or perhaps a bison baptism.

The Enchanted Cauldron

Training for the taste buds

The enchanted cauldron is a gastronomic festival that takes place several times a year: during the medieval festival, on the days of the town and of the communes from the destination of Bison Land. On this occasion, the pensions and restaurants in the area, compete in traditional recipes prepared at the cauldron and not only. The goodies are prepared right in front of the guests, in the park, in a villatic environment.

If you want to make trout brine or gizzard stew, smoked pork bean stew, veal roasted on a spit or other equally tasty recipes, find out when the next festival is being organized in Bison Land and come and enjoy the local goodies.

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Bison Day

Party on the honor of the bisons

Vânători Neamț Natural Park is a blessed area, where the bison lives freely and in harmony with the places and the people of the place. To celebrate, on Thursday, in the middle of the August we gather together with good will and songs.

We, together with students from the area, prepare a selection of traditional dishes with the help of salt water from the spring that has been used by locals for hundreds of years. Children, young people and anyone who is keen to exercise their aim in archery, can activate their adrenaline rush on the small climbing route and the zip line in the immediate vicinity of the Visitor Center of the Vânători Neamț Natural Park. Activities may differ from year to year.

On this occasion, calves of the current year are baptized with the names suggested by locals or tourists. The name suggestions are sent to the Administration of the Vânători Neamț Natural Park before the event and the most voted ones are the names of the bison calves.

We are waiting for you, to join us so you can enjoy the local goodies and not only.

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Autumn Fair

Come at the "market" close to the fortress

An old tradition, that of the fairs held in small cities in autumn time, is revived with the contribution of  the local culinary producers and popular craftsmen of the area. You can fill your cellar for the winter with traditional products and experience typical Moldovian recipes. Children have special activities for them, The Autumn Traditional Fair is an event for the whole family.

Autumn fair is an opportunity to create the atmosphere of the old fair, precisely from the time of Nică of Stephen of Petrea, described by scholars throughout the centuries. It is a good opportunity to revive and enhance the culinary and crafts tradition of the area, as well as to exploit its cultural potential.

In the autumn we enjoy the harvest for which we worked during the year. Around October 20, for 3 days, in the city below the fortress, autumn is celebrated. Local producers, folk craftsmen come to showcase their achievements from over the year. And, knowing the locals, we are telling you, you have where to choose from.

In addition, children and not only, can enjoy games and creative activities such as carving or painting pumpkins.

The traditional rhythms and dances create an atmosphere of celebration and joy.

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B Zone Folk Fest

Music and wellbeing

Folk music is a style of music loved by people of all ages.

B-zones Folk Fest is an event for those who want to enjoy folk music, lyrics and messages, popular or less known. The festival brings together famous folk singers, at the beginning of May in Târgu Neamț.

Medieval Festival – Neamț Fortress Days

From medieval age to contemporary

A complex event that gathers the community around the most seeked tourist destination of Târgu Neamț, The Neamț Fortress, the Medieval Festival is an opportunity to see live scenes of the lives of those who inhabited these lands hundreds of years ago.

Everything is complemented by concerts between the walls of the medieval fortress, as well as typical Moldovan culinary experiences.

For 3 days, in the first weekend of July, the city of Târgu Neamț and the Neamț Fortress wear clothes from medieval times. Ladies, knights, demonstrations of fighting in period equipment, games, music, theater sketches, medieval workshops are just a few of the things that delight anyone who comes to the area of ​​the Neamț City and Neamt Fortress during this period. The events take place at the Neamț Fortress, but also at the base of the hill that goes up to the fortress.

It is an event that reconstructs history, an urge for identity culture, on medieval rhythms.

Traditional dishes cooked in a cauldron and not only, are prepared by the locals in order to be enjoyed in a charming environment. Also, the popular craftsmen are also present to delight with the craftsmanship and delicacy of the products they make with passion.

And the evening ends with a campfire and stories full of charm.

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New Year Traditions Festival

Passion for folklore and joy

Also organized as a parade of masks and costumes used on the occasion of the New Year in the region, the festival is one of the most exuberant and colorful manifestations in the Moldova area and attracts thousands of people from all parts of the world.

Participants come from the villages around Târgu Neamt, but also from other regions, “masked” in various archetypal or animal characters (bear, goat), and perform a popular theater that most probably comes from the pre-Christian period.

January 2nd – a day when the city of Târgu Neamț is full of joy and color. Traditions and customs take place with great magnitude, as in the ancient times. On this day, time stops for several hours, and brightly colored masks appear on the streets of Târgu Neamț. The dance of the bear and the dance of the goat, dances from the Middle Ages from the Geto-Dacians, are the most attractive.

They are then followed by troupes – dressed in military clothes that mimic army troops, carolers singing plugușor, sorcova or other New Year’s carols. After the parade through the city center, each band offers a performance for everyone present. Even though the weather is not often the friendliest, the energy and the joy that is felt, make the day warmer. People of all ages enjoy the special atmosphere and remain with unforgettable memories.

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