Special tours

A day at the sheepfold

The sheperding is still done in the old way in Neamţ area, with flocks and sheepfolds for the summer time on the pastures surrounded by the woods of the Subcarpathians. Tourists have the opportunity to live for one day in such a place, alongside the shepherds, participating in all the activities of the day: milking sheep, dairying, milk processing. Experience will end, of course, with a real feast.

Forest baths

Officially recognised as therapies in countries such as Japan, forest baths reduce anxiety, hypertension and have a beneficial effect on the whole body. They are walks in nature, in loneliness, where all senses are connected with the surrounding, calming envieronment . Each partner of the ecotourism destination Bison Land can guide visitors to places suitable for this type of experience.

Bison Brunch

These are culinary events in various locations (hostels, Neamţ Fortress), where you can experience the most tasty local dishes, traditional recipes from Moldova.

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