Meet an artisan

Neamt County has a long tradition of crafts and craftsmen, which, almost miraculously, has survived unchanged to the present days. It is among the few places in Europe where you can see live how to make a popular mask, from wood or textile, used for ritual purposes, at holidays or how to process wood without modern machinery. Also, being an area close to the mountain, where sheperding remains a basic occupation in the countryside, here you will find the most skilled artisans in processing of wool and sheepskin. The resulting objects are not only beautiful, but also unique. If you want to make a visit to a popular craft workshop, contact us at [email protected]

Craftsmen in the area

  • Ionela Lungu, Humuleşti: Clay modeling
  • Costin Lungu, Humulesti: Popular masks, bats, axes
  • Neculai Dolhescu, Dolhesti: Waistcoats
  • Marinica Todici, Pipirig: Woven carpets
  • Maria Ungureanu, Târgu Neamţ: Popular costumes
  • Maria Vasiliu, Târgu Neamţ: Crochet
  • Vasile Neamţu, Nemţişor: Solid wood furniture.