The Ethnography Museum Vasile Găman, Vânători Neamț

The Vasile Găman Ethnography Museum is opened in a traditional house specific to these places. The collection includes approximately 3000 pieces made or collected over time. Ever since you arrive in front of the museum, the entrance gate makes it possible for you to “meet” with Burebista, Decebal, Traian, Stefan cel Mare, Dragoș Voda and Mihai Viteazul, their faces being carefully carved on a map of Romania. If you want to see something of the way of life in the traditional Romanian village, the objects exhibited here will satisfy your curiosities. These include: very old agricultural tools, masks and ceramic pots, manuscripts, icons painted on wood, folk costumes.

Born in 1936, Vasile Găman is a special presence of our destination. Visiting this museum is a unique experience, not only through the multitude of objects and memories of the past, but also due to the presence of the passionate folk craftsman.

The fond memories of childhood lived during World War II are sources of inspiration and awareness.

He devoted himself entirely to woodworking and collections of objects and tools reminiscent of the life of the Romanian village, and through his lifelong work, he managed to arrange a diverse and complex exhibition in a museum house.

The popular craftsman Vasile Găman transformed the house of his ancestors, a house over 200 years old, into a real museum and a proof of the existence of local patriotism. The museum contains an extensive collection of original objects, specific to Moldovan lands and many wooden objects, made by the Neamț craftsman, but also folk costumes, war diaries, very old agricultural tools, ceramic masks and vessels, manuscripts, and many other objects. which belonged to the fallen soldiers on the fronts in Neamț County.