The Vivant Museum

From the desire to show what a day is like in the monastery, the nuns from the Agapia Monastery opened, in 2013, for visit one of the houses in the monastery village. Icons, church objects, embroideries, carpets made in the monastery can be found in the carefully furnished and decorated house. In the 3 workshops (weaving and embroidery, pottery and bakery) those interested can test their skill and creativity.

The Vivant Museum is opened in one of the oldest houses in the monastic village of Agapia, which is built with a stone ground floor and a wooden floor. Cells and household rooms are arranged in a traditional and attractive style, presenting the way a nun’s day is organized in the monastery. Also on the ground floor you can see how the monks lived in the past, before Agapia was a nunnery. Even though the museum has only existed for a few years, the exhibits, the furniture, the fabrics were created hundreds of years ago.

Also, the beautifully arranged yard and the arranged workshops create a space that urges you to introspect, but also to individual or group activities in a perfect harmony.

The Vivant Museum is not just any museum, first of all because it is located in a place blessed by God, and secondly because when you enter this place you feel energy, peace, tranquility, you really feel in a corner of Heaven. And the nuns make sure the visit to the museum is a memorable experience.

“I noticed that, despite their beliefs and the problems they come with, no one frowns out of the Vivant Museum. They all smile and have a bright face. We believe it is sincere love. And for this it is worth having the house open to the public “