The Museum of History and Ethnography in Târgu Neamț

For an insight into the history of the country, you have to go to The History and Ethnography Museum in Târgu Neamț. Here you will find traces of human existence from the Neolithic and Bronze Age. Also in the museum you will be able to admire traditional peasant tools, as well as folk costumes specific to the Târgu Neamț ethnographic area.

The Museum of History and Ethnography from Târgu Neamț is an architectural monument, built between 1851 – 1853, it initially functioned as the Nobel School. Here learned also Ion Creangă and Vasile Conta.

The museum presents the richness of the medieval history of Târgu Neamt, but also of traditional crafts, from spinning and weaving to the processing of agricultural products, wood, metals and ceramics, folk costumes specific to the ethnographic area of Târgu Neamț. Also here is arranged a special pavilion in the museum courtyard with a series of peasant installations for processing fruits, seeds, wood or wool.

Even if it is a modest museum, the way the exhibitions are presented make it easy to follow and attractive.

Regularly, the museum hosts temporal exhibitions.