Summer Spiritual Cultural Center

Near the Văratec Monastery, on the street leading to the tomb of the poet Veronica Micle, there is a modern building, with architectural elements specific to the area. The Văratic Spiritual Cultural Center was erected in memory of Sfrijan Dinu’s wife, Sheila Margaret. Furnished with a special elegance, it is not only a museum, but also a perfect location for cultural events. The exhibitions are divided between themed salons. Safta Brânconeanu Salon presents ethnographic and collector’s pieces, the Literary Salon greets us with a collection of books signed by literary personalities who passed by Văratec. The cultural center also has a salon dedicated to Sheila Margaret, a small souvenir shop, an Eminescu library or an art salon.

If you choose to cross its threshold, you will be surprised by the warmth with which you will be received.