Bison Land

The place where legends and bison roam free.

Bison Land
Bison Land
Bison Land


Bison Land is the place where nature, spirituality, culture and traditions coexist and blend harmoniously.  The ecotourism destination overlaps the Vânători Neamț Nature Park, the town of Târgu Neamț, the communes of Agapia, Bălțătești, Crăcăoani and Vânători Neamț. It is the only place in Europe where the bison can be seen in freedom, semi-freedom and captivity at the same time.

Bison safari

Do you want an unique experience? Do you enjoy adrenaline rush? Do you like to observe wildlife? Or maybe you just want to spend quality time with your loved ones in the middle of nature. Then we challenge you to try the experience of searching for the bisons together with the staff of the Vânători Neamț Nature Park.


Spirituality is an energy of the Bison Land ecotourism destination. More than 1100 monks and nuns living in the area’s monasteries and hermitages make the region the second largest monastic area after Mount Athos. Another European uniqueness are the monastic villages of Agapia and Văratec Monasteries.

Memorial houses

The beauty and special energy of these places is proven by the various writings mentioning locations from Bison Land, as well as the 4 memorial houses that can be visited. Here one can discover the world of childhood, or the charm of the Copper Forest and the Silver Forest.

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Relaxing and
disconnection in nature

Our soul leaps for joy when we spend time in nature. The silence, the beauty, the diversity, the fresh air of these places are sure to help you disconnect from everyday worries and relax and discover yourself in Bison Land.

A place of legend described by Costache Negruzzi

Bison Land is an area with a rich history waiting to be discovered step by step. The famous and undiscovered Neamt Fortress is proof of the importance of these places in the development of the Romanian state.


The European Bison is the brother of bizon

The European Bison is the brother of bizon

A brother who was on the verge of disappearing from the face of the earth, if some passionate people, such as those from Bison Land, had not fought for the bison to once again become the pride of the Moldavian forests.

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