How was our year?!

How was our year?!

As is our custom, at the end of the year we draw a line, enjoy the results and analyze what we can do better, more in the new year.

Let us tell you what we did in 2022

As you can see, we have a new form of communication, we have a new website and we like it. We hope you too. We want to use it to inform you about what is happening in the destination, to give you details about the people, places, events from us.

We continued to put the Bison Land on the national and international map. We participated in tourism and related fairs in the country and abroad. We believe we do well what we do, taking into account that we ranked first worldwide in the category of public vote in the Green Destinations Story Awards.

We offered leisure opportunities to those who arrived in the destination, but also the opportunity for local people (local producers, guest houses, folk craftsmen, artists) to assert themselves, to show us what they know best. We organized 3 Product fairs in Bison Land, 3 EcoBrunch events in Bison Land and two gastronomic events for conference participants, infotrips in the destination. We also provided information to local producers about events/fairs that we knew were being organized in other localities. We do all this because we want the area to develop sustainably, but also because we want those who arrive in the ecotourism destination of Neamț County to have an experience that lives up to their expectations and to come back with love.

We also highlighted the local people through TV and radio broadcasts where we promoted the destination of Bison Land.

Thus we put ingredients in the development of the local partnership, without which we could not have the results we have.

Along with Romsilva – the Vânători Neamț Natural Park, we developed the tourist infrastructure (trail markings, arranging hayfields for the organization of events), we created promotion and information materials, at the initiative of ADR North-East we organized part of the North-East Development Gala event .

This year we implemented 4 projects:

  • Bison Land – a new stage of development financed by the Green Entrepreneurship program of the Romanian-American Foundation and the Environment Partnership Foundation through which we develop the ecotourism destination
  • The bison – for ten years in freedom financed by the Green Spaces program of MOL Romania and the Foundation for Partnership through which we celebrated the bison through an exhibition, some events, or a published book.
  • Smart Villages – developing rural tourism businesses through circular economy and social innovation funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission through which we developed educational materials to support those who want to start businesses in the countryside. You can find out more details here.
  • Made in Bison Land financed by AFIR through the LAG Ținutul Răzeșilor through which we want to highlight local products.

Through projects and events, we brought over 350,000 lei to the destination this year.

We were also involved in the BeCultour – beyond cultural tourism project through which we aimed to develop new opportunities for spending free time in the destination.

All this for a sustainable development of the Bison Land ecotourism destination in which the local community benefits, as those who arrive at the destination are satisfied with what they live here.

With the support of the Romanian-American Foundation, we started working on the sustainable development of the association together with Synerb, so as to ensure a sustainable way of working and with as many results as possible for the community. And together with MKBT we are looking for solutions to enhance the value of abandoned places that have cultural value.

It was a full year and we want to continue at least at the same pace to develop and promote the ecotourism destination of Neamț County, Bison Land.

Stay tuned to find out what else we are planning. 😉

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How was our year?!

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