Ecotourism in Bison Land

Main Objectives:

  • Realization of specific infrastructure, integration of current facilities in a unitary, functional way
  • Achieving a critical mass of ecotourism consumers and services, increasing tourist satisfaction, awareness and understanding of the destination
  • Development of destination management capacity
  • Promoting the ecotourism destination and ecotourism
  • Obtaining Community Profit


  • Development of tourist infrastructure (trail marking, signage)
  • Setting up a mini-adventure trail
  • Creation of promotion and information materials
  • Organization of promotional events (infotrips)
  • Destination website development
  • Creating a destination interpretation plan
  • Making a promotional clip
  • Purchase of bicycles
  • Development of tourist packages
  • Tourism monitoring in the destination
  • Realization of local history course
  • Best practices trip
  • Customization of promotional products
  • Participation in promotional fairs
  • Development of visitor management plan
  • Support local producers, tourist reception units
  • Local partnership development