The monastic village Văratec

The largest monastery of nuns in Romania is the Văratec Monastery, where more than 400 little nuns live their lives through prayer and work. Until 1839 it was under the administration of the Agapia monastery, now it is independent.
In the Văratec monastery village there are around 180 modest houses, with white or blue colored walls, well-cared-for, and beautifully decorated with brightly colored flowers. The nuns live in the traditional peasant houses. The courtyards around the houses are just as neat as the houses. In this monastery village, the poet Veronica Micle also retired after the death of the great poet Mihai Eminescu and is also buried here.

3-4 nuns spend their lives in well-kept houses, earning their own living. In fact, every monk who lives in the community has his own duties for the smooth running of things.

Life here takes place according to strict rules that have been put on paper since the 1800s, after the monastery became independent.

A walk on the narrow streets of the village reveals beautiful views, in the distance, where the Neamț Fortress guards the tower. The submountain landscape with dense fir forests and vast meadows are witnesses of the quiet life, with meaning that the nuns lead in this monastery.

It developed after the model of the village remain, the connection with nature and spirituality being the basic elements in living in this community.

 In addition to the proximity to the places of Eminescu, the picturesque landscape, the hospitality and generosity of the nuns is an attraction to these places full of peace, beauty, prayer. These places are real muses of inspiration.

Those who want to have quietness, spiritual load have the opportunity to be accommodated in these traditional houses.

On any visit here, it is worth tasting the delicious pies or pastries prepared in the monastery’s bakery.