Mihail Sadoveanu Memorial House

In Vânători-Neamț is the house where the writer Mihai Sadoveanu lived between 1944 and 1961. No less than eight novels were written here, including “Nada florilor” or “Nicoară Potcoavă”.

Silence meadow, as himself describes the glade in which the Vovidenia hermitage remains in melodious silence, was therefore a source of inspiration for the writer.

Mihail Sadoveanu also flirted with the monastic world, becoming a fine observer of the monks’ lives. “The Demon of Youth” is a novel inspired by the life of a monk from Vovidenia, where he came just before living here.

However, few know that, initially, this building was a hierarchical palace and belonged to the Metropolitan Church of Bukovina until 1947. Metropolitan Visarion Puiu lived in this house for only a few years, later it became a guest house and then it was given to the writer Mihail Sadoveanu. He spent the last summers of his life in this house.

After the revolution, the house was returned to the church, and now the museum is run by monks.

The beautiful house, with open porch, has 9 rooms, one of which is dedicated to Metropolitan Visarion Puiu, and the other 8 to Mihail Sadoveanu. The colors and shapes of the curtains, but also the Viennese furniture create a warm atmosphere. The piano where played George Enescu or Maria Tănase, among others, is a place of honor in one of the rooms.

 The museum exhibits various memorable objects to the writer, such as portraits of the writer’s parents, paintings by famous painters, icons, hunting objects, fishing, samurai sword, books and several other documents.

The courtyard of the memorial house is secluded and shady, suitable for taking a break from the hustle and bustle of contemporary life.

So, we invite you to discover as many of the over 1800 objects that belonged to the writer.