Front line - Casemate

The casemate line from the Second World War was next to the Ursului-Pometea brook -Dealul Buburuzului-Băile Oglinzi, the Culeșa-Groși-Săcunța-Moișa valley, and the Romanian observation points were on Nemțișor hill, without them to have visibility towards the localities of Brusturi, Poiana, Groși, Târzia, Boroaia and Bodești.

At the disposal of the defenders there is a line of concrete casemates with anti-tank weapons, anti-tank trenches, firing points, observation points, they were built in two floors, one semi-buried, for ammunition, and the other for firing and personnel, telephone cables. The casemates were dug in such a way that the tanks could not pass, or if they did pass, they had a difficult time anyway, which they took advantage of to open fire on them. The casemates were very well reinforced, with a thick layer of earth and camouflaged in the ground.