Bison Land – a new stage of development

Bison Land

a new stage of development

Main objectives:

  • Development, diversification of the offer of ecotourism products / services / packages made in partnership with the local community and APNVNT in order to increase the length of stay of tourists in the destination to at least 3 days during 4 years
  • Consolidation by 2023 of the ecotourism network (guesthouses, craftsmen, producers, etc.) to effectively contribute to the fulfillment of the destination’s vision
  • Increasing the notoriety of the Bison Land destination among potential Romanian and foreign tourists by at least 15% in the next 4 years
  • Increase the management organization’s sales revenue by at least 30% in the next 4 years

Expected results:

  • Development of the tourist infrastructure (marking of tourist, cycling, thematic routes; information boards, rest stops)
  • Arrangement of the Visitor Center (souvenir shop, entrance hall)
  • Promotion (promotion and information materials, participation in promotion events, organization of local promotion events, organized infotrips)
  • Development of local partnership
  • Recertification of Bison Land ecotourism destination
  • International certification of the Bison Land destination
  • Monitoring tourism in the destination
  • Attracting new sources of financing
  • Development of leisure opportunities in the destination