The Monument of the Heroes, Nemțișor

It is a stop that must be considered by those interested in history, but also by those who want to feel above the world. If you reach the monument, you will be surprised by the view that appears in front of you.  

The Monument of the Heroes from Nemțișor, is dedicated to the 14,000 soldiers who gave their lives in the Second World War. Each of the 14 crosses that follow the path to the monument represent 1000 heroes who fell in battle, but the parallel is also made with the 14 stops on Mount Golgotha.

At the base of the monument there is an ossuary of 5×5 meters, where the remainings of the fallen heroes in this area are kept. The monument has a cross-shaped base and a pyramid-shaped top. Inside are placed three stone scraps in which are kept the bones of known and unknown heroes.

   The interior painting represents the patron saints of the heroes and of the prisons, the Martyrs of Brâncoveanu, the Saint Voivod Stephen and Saint George.