The Monument - Mausoleum the Mountain Hunters

The visit to Bison Land can also be a journey in history, in times of war. The proof is represented by the Mausoleum of the Mountain Hunters, located on the terrace created on the Culmea (Height) Pleșului, so that it can be easily observed. This monument is reminiscent of July 27, 1917, when mountain hunters went to battle to defend the homeland in World War I. At Târgu Neamț, the first Corps of Mountain Hunters was created by King Ferdinand.
The monument presents an architectural and art work of great proportions, designed to commemorate the bravery of the fallen heroes on the battle field. It should be noted that, the visit to this monument can be done at any time and it is free, we just have to set aside a little time during the trip to make a brief foray into history.
On November 3, the heroes of the I World War I are commemorated with a military parade.