Horăicioara Monastery

The Horăicioara Monastery from Neamț County dates from 1466, being built by order of Saint Stephen the Great, in order to offer the monks a place of prayer and shelter from the invaders.

A wooden church was originally built. In its place, in 1868 a stone church was built, dedicated to the Healing Spring, and after 1988 the cells were completed, as well as the fresco painting of the church. A stone was placed on the site of the Holy Table of the old church. During the time of Archimandrite Hermogenes, as a result of prayers for a source of water in the vicinity, springed water from a rock about 50 m from the place, a spring that was blessed with the gift of healing mental and physical diseases.

It is impossible to say in words how great the joy is when you are in this place, because here you find what you need, the salvation of the soul, peace of mind, peace and a joy that springs from the depths of the soul.