Dobru Monastery

Built in a quiet oasis, Dobru Monastery is the first old-style church built in a commune in Romania. The new church and settlement is built after 1989, but the location has been used for prayer since the 1940s. It has been destroyed several times due to conflicts between the old and new style church, and after 1989 the peace was settled on this monastery, surrounded by tall fir trees. like a citadel of green savin.
It was, successively, a shelter for monks who had been expelled from Neamț and Suceava who did not receive the 1924 calendar change, a hermit, and later became a monastery.
The monastery welcomes us with small and clean rooms where the nuns are living, with traditional architecture, a small wooden church and the new church.
In other words, in the heart of the Bison Land, on the lands seemingly detached from stories, we expect to cross the threshold of the old Dobru Monastery, the place where you enjoy peace and love for the Orthodox faith.