Visitor center of Vânători Neamț Natural Park

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When you leave Târgu Neamț, on the way to Pipirig, as soon as you pass the road that leads to Neamț Monastery, on the right side you will see the road that leads to the visitor center of the Vânători Neamț Natural Park. It is a place that has a lot to offer.

To get to know the diversity of plant and animal species encountered within the park, you can take a tour of the visitor center. In addition to the educational exhibition on biodiversity, you can also discover how social insects work: bees, ants. Also, thematic classes on the environment can be held with children, young people and beyond. Or, various events can be organized in the quite generous space inside or in the courtyard of the place.

The suspended footbridge, 13 m high, which also has an educational role, will surprise you with the view that stretches above the crown. In the cooler seasons, you can also have the surprise to see, through the forest, the bison that come to eat.

In the immediate vicinity of the center, you can train your adrenaline with the help of the short climbing trail, or the zip line.
From the center you can go on various routes: either to the reservation with bison through deciduous forests or to the acclimatization pitch in search of bison with the help of rangers.

If you are not fortunate enough to see bison in all their splendor, at least you could see the staffed specimens inside the visitor center of the Vânători Neamț Natural Park.
Address: Zimbrului Street, no. 2, Vânători Neamț Commune, Neamț County, postal code 617500, Romania
Contact: +40233 206001