Sihla Monastery

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About halfway through the forest road that connects the Sihăstria Monastery with the Agapia Monastery, you can see the Sihla Monastery. Located at 1000 m altitude in a rocky area of the Stânișoara Mountains. The place of worship begins its history as early as the 12th century. The church is built in the classical style of the Moldovan churches in the 18th century by the Cantacuzino family.
On the narrow porch of a rock, not far from the church and the cellars of the monastery, the church was built from a fir tree that still preserves the intimacy and atmosphere of an ancient era. The church is ship-shaped. Known for the life of the clerics, near the monastery, on a secret path, there is the Cave of the Saint Theodora, the place where the saint lived and prayed for years, eager to lead the life of a hermit.