Neamț Monastery

As old as the Kingdom of Moldavia.

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15 kilometers from the Neamț Fortress, there is another place full of history and legend, as no other place in Romania. The Neamţ Monastery is even older than the reign of Stephen the Great, the famous Moldovan King. Called by some people the “Jerusalem of Romanian Orthodoxy”, the monastery is the oldest monastic settlement in Moldova, with roots that go back to the 14th century, during the time of Peter I Muşat (1375-1391).

The current church inside the monastery was founded by Stephen the Great at the end of the fifteenth century. When you enter the church, you can admire the Icon of the Virgin Mary painted in 665 on the territory of present Israel, an icon that Prince Alexandru cel Bun received as a gift from the Byzantine Emperor John VIII Paleologus.

The settlement also has an old monastery library with more than 18 thousand volumes, thus having a special contribution to the development of the Romanian culture and art during the Medieval period. In the Neamţ Monastery there is the grave of Ștefan Voievod. 

For those who want to see and understand more about this place of history and faith, there are at least hundreds of accommodation places right inside the monastery, equipped with modern facilities.