The Brass Forest and the Silver Wood.

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Codrii de Aramă

“The Brass Forest” is located in Agapia, on the territory of Vânători-Neamţ National Park. The name of the forest (The Brass Forest) comes from the colors the leaves have in autumn time. The forest is one of the most beautiful places in this part of the country. The “Codri de Aramă” are placed on a hill, Filior, and at its foot the Filioara brook passes through the meadows, with small marshes and clumps of wilting. Here there are oaks and other species of oaks, which are more than 100 years old, plus more than 300 species of plants. If you come to the forest, under the light of the sun, you will be able to admire the “heaven of incense” described by Mihai Eminescu in the poem “Călin, file din poveste“.

The tourists who come to the area have many possibilities of accommodation, in the hostels of Agapia or in the surrounding villages, where they will experience local hospitality. The locals will tell you stories about Mihai Eminescu’s hidden encounters with Viorica Micle, or give examples of neighbours who have baptised their children with names from Eminescu’s poems.

Pădurea de argint

“The Silver Forest” is a forest reserve on the territory of Agapia village on the lower terrace of the Topolița stream, one kilometer away from “Codrii de Aramă”. It’s a birch forest, some older than a century, some younger, 40-50 years old. The name of the reservation comes from the color that the forest gets in autumn and winter, when the birches become silver. The forest has over two hectares and is located at an altitude of 540 meters.

If you arrive in the area at the beginning of summer, on June 15th, you should not miss the folkloric Silver Forest Festival. The first edition took place in 1977.