Veronica Micle Memorial House

There is no other name that is so well associated with the national poet Mihai Eminescu as the writer Veronica Micle.

In the old center of Târgu Neamț is the Veronica Micle Memorial House. Even if Veronica Micle also lived in Iași or Bucharest, the only memorial house dedicated to the poet is in Târgu Neamț.

Originally built in 1834, made of wood and brick in an authentic Romanian style, with three rooms on the street and a porch, the house was rebuilt according to the original plan and arranged as a museum in 1984.

The house was given to her as a dowry by his mother, after she became a monk. Veronica Micle lived in this house for the first years of her life. But she often returned here with her daughters, especially during the summer, being a house she loved very much.

Here, visitors can discover photocopies, manuscripts, books and personal items that belonged to the poet, such as a chest, a book holder, a inkwell, or the first edition of his volume of poetry. The exhibitions arranged in the 3 rooms create the atmosphere of those times, each with its own specifics:

– a room is intended for the life, personality and literary activity of the poet

– another room illustrates the ambiance of the era

– the third room is Veronica’s workspace, where the poet writes some of her poems and correspondence with the national poet.

Towards the end of her life, she retired to Văratec Monastery and donated this future memorial house in 1886 to the monastery, with the condition that a marble plaque to be displayed on the wall of the house, mentioning “Veronica Micle Memorial House”. Veronica’s house was used by the nuns who received care at the Hospital in Târgu Neamț.