Ion Creangă Memorial House

Everybody knows in Romania the stories written by Ion Creangă about his childhood in Humulești. He is the Mark Twain of Romania and his character, Nică is well beloved and admired.

Ion Creangă’s house in Humuleşti, located on a street in the suburbs of Târgu Neamţ, is now an undeniable cultural objective of Moldova, visited by 40 thousand tourists every year. The Ion Creangă Memorial House has been preserved almost intact since the storyteller lived here with the whole family in the 19th century. It  offers a rare incursion into the peasant lifestyle of the nineteenth century. Simple, white, clean, enclosed with a fence, looks exactly like in Romanian old stories and it is a testimony to the simple beauty of folk architecture in this part of the country. When you get in, you will find holiday clothes or the table around which the family ate the meals, and traditional meetings during winter.

Ion Creangă’s house, a building with traditional, modest architecture has a wide drainage roof. It seems impossible that such a large family could have lived in such a small house. The tourist attraction has a valuable exhibition, thematically reorganized, after 1989. The room is arranged according to the specifics of the interior of the peasant house of that time, where there is a large stove with oven, icons, wiping windows, weaving and spinning tools.

In the Memorial House Ion Creangă there is also an exhibition with archive documents, letters, postcards, school textbooks, photographs and photocopies of Creangă’s manuscripts.

In the storyteller Ion Creangă’s house, simplicity can be felt everywhere, and the smell of sandstones hanging from the beam enhances the emotion of the encounter with the Romanian tradition.

Recently, the exhibition also includes a shed with objects used in simple people’s households.

The spacious cobbled courtyard is the place where you can take a well-deserved break, admiring the beauty of traditional peasant architecture.