Icoana Veche (Old Icon) Hermitage

Six kilometers from the Neamț Monastery, in a dense forest which seems deserted, you can find the Icoana Veche Hermitage. History says that, because of Etheria, the Icon of the Virgin Mary given to the voivode Alexander the Good by the Byzantine emperor Ioan Paleologul, about 600 years ago was hidden here. In the place where, various objects together with the Icon of the Lord’s Mother were hidden, a cross was erected, marking what happened. In 1992, the chapel burned down completely, the foundation stone is expected to be laid again in 2012, and the year 2017 brought about the completion and consecration of the new Church of the Icoana Veche Hermitage.
If you want to follow the holy paths of those who have lived only through prayer, walk through the forests around the Neamț Monastery where hermits who left behind only places spiritually charged, the Church of Icoana Veche Hermitage will spiritually charge you with humility, patience and wisdom.