The species of birds found in the area of ​​the Vânători Neamț Natural Park are diverse, some of them being protected by international conventions. A number of 103 species of birds were inventoried.

Among the birds that can be found, there are 6 species of diurnal raptors (the sparrow hawk,  the northern goshawk, the common buzzard, the rough-legged buzzard, the lesser spotted eagle, the honey buzzard) and 4 nocturnal raptors (the little owl, the tawny owl, the Ural owl, the long-eared owl).

The beech forests, softwoods, shrubs and meadows are populated by coal tits, willow tits, European  crested tits, spotted nutcrackers, black woodpeckers, common ravens, ring ouzels, Eurasian wrens, red-backed shrikes. 

Close to the rivers the Mediterranean gull, the common kingfisher, the white wagtail the grey wagtail can be observed

In the park the white stork, the black stork, the hooded crow, the big owl and the common nightingale also fly.

To observe the birds you can choose to wander the forests, meadows or valleys of the rivers to enjoy unique moments created by the birds.

Or you can go to the bird observatory near the Visitor Center of the Vânători Neamț Natural Park where a suitable space has been set up for the birds to approach. In this case a prior reservation is required.

Address: Zimbrului Street, no. 2, Vânători Neamț Commune, Neamț County, postal code 617500, Romania

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