Vânători Neamţ Natural Park is a perfect place for birdwatching lovers, with over 100 bird species inventoried here. There are many species of raptors present in the natural park, as well as protected birds.

Daybreak species: Acacia gentilis, Accipiter gentilis, Acaciterus nisus, Aquila pomarina, Buteo buteo, Buteo lagopus (in winter time), Pernis apivorus.

Night-time species: Sturge aluco, Sturra uralensis, Athene noctua and Asio otus.

We mention the existence of the Crex crex species, a rare bird, protected by law. 

Other birds to be mentioned are: black stork – Ciconia nigra, white stork – Ciconia ciconia, mountain cock – Tetrao urogalus and blue gull – Alcedo athis.